Resources That Are Covering the Scotland Independence Vote

Resources That Are Covering The Scotland Independence Vote

On September 9th, 2014, I briefly discussed the Scotland Independence Vote set for tomorrow, September 18th, 2014. As the vote in Scotland approaches, I wanted to link to a number of articles and resources that are writing on the issue, or that will be covering the vote with many updates. This is an important vote, and regardless of the outcome, it will be sure to have a number of political implications for the region, for other areas in the world that are watching because of ties to Scotland, England, or both, as well as for areas that are also looking at issues of independence. Moreover, this is a fascinating case for international relations, as it brings in a number of topics such as history of outside control or colonization, independence issues, diplomacy, elections, etc…

Below are just some of the resources that may be useful as you cover the elections in Scotland.

BBC: The BBC has an excellent page entitled Referendum Live, which seems to be providing live coverage of last minute campaigning, analysis of the election and the implications on England, Scotland, the region, and the world, as well as links to the latest public opinion polls.

The Telegraph: The Telegraph also has a great link covering the Scottish Independence Vote.

The Guardian: The Guardian has a blog called the Scottish Independence Blog, which offers updates on stories related to the independence vote.

In addition, there will be sure to be a number of other publications analyzing the events following the election and the election results.

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