Euro Skulptor; Uploaded by LA2

This section discusses the politics of Europe. Recently there has been a great deal of attention to different political issues in Europe, and the relations the European states have with the international community, as well as with one another. Just some of the themes addressed here are issues like the European Union (and the role of different states in this relationship), trade, government economic policies (that include but are not limited to the examination of austerity measures), international diplomacy, as well as internal politics such as elections and human rights.

A number of European states are navigating through economic austerity measures, and the backlash such policies have had on citizen jobs and benefits. In addition, other more economically well-off states in Europe have debated their role as fellow members of the European Union, and more directly, the level of responsibility they believe they should have (or not have) in helping fellow European states.

Along with these economic issues,┬áthere are anti-immigrantion currents in European states–manifested in far right parties, whereas many center and left parties continue to advocate ideas of inclusivity within discussions about the immigrants in the respective states.

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