North America



The United States has had a long history of involvement in international relations.
With the United States being a major power economic and military power in the global system, it is important to understand the different political leaders of the country, their ideologies and policies, as well as the international relations history of the state’s leaders, and the ramifications of their decisions, both positive and negative.

There are a number of issues that deserve attention related to America and international relations: The Role of the United States in international politics has spread to issues of international war (such as in the case of Iraq in 2003), intervention economic exchanges policies against terrorism following the terror attacks on the United States in September 2011, issues of human rights (both domestically and internationally), environmental issues, the role of the United States in terms of regional diplomatic efforts, as well as other diplomatic efforts with state and non-state actors worldwide.

In addition, with the growth of regional organizations such as the European Union, and the growing economic power of China, researchers continue to analyze the role of the United States in the context of these developments. In addition to focusing on America, there are also political relations between states in North America. Issues such as immigration, trade and policy abroad are to the forefront of relations with the countries of North America.

Lastly, the role of domestic politics cannot be ignored when studying international relations. Domestic trends often have a great effect on international polities of the United States.

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