Part of the study of international relations is devoted to examining interactions between countries, as well as the relationships between states with non-state actors. But when doing this, it is quite useful to understand the politics of the state itself, since that information will be useful when viewing these events from our particular theoretical framework. Therefore, this section breaks down the different world regions, with in-depth analysis. Now of course those “regions” are artificial in idea, nevertheless they will help us categorize the different international relations in a way that may be more useful to some. It allows a more concise and focused layout based on specified certain regions or countries of interest. The hope is that this will particularly useful for those with greater interest in the international relations of a certain country or area of the world.

In the pages sub sectioned under this category, students, scholars, and practitioners of International Relations will find articles breaking down various IR themes within the regional contexts, as well as additional links for further reading materials.

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