International Relations Journals

International Relations Journals

There are a number of international relations journals, or peer reviewed/scholarly journals in international relations, international studies and international affairs. These international relations journals are in different disciplines, and many are also also interdisciplinary outlets. The journals publish the most new research on topics related to international relations. While some of the journals are very specific in terms of region or sub-field, others are general to overall issues in international relations. There are also peer reviewed journals that focus primary on theory, or others on international organizations, human rights, international development, etc… The links that we will include below will help in finding different international relations journals. While there are hundreds of academic journals, below are listed some of the often-cited publications. Students and practitioners are encouraged to find and read the international relations journals that focus on the themes that you are most interested in.

There are many ways to get access to these scholarly journals. One can subscribe to different outlets directly. Or, if one is attending a college or university, the institution may have a subscription to the journal. Most colleges and universities carry the top-noted international relations journals. And if the libraries do not have the journal in their database, institutions usually have an inter-library loan system where they can request the journal or article from another institution.

Furthermore, there are also a number of open-access international relations journals being published online. These are still scholarly journals, of which the articles go through the same rigid peer review process.

There are no shortages of scholarly journals and publications related to the field of international relations.


International Relations Journals

Acta Politica

Alternatives-Social Transformation and Humane Governance

American Journal of International Law

American Journal of Political Science

American Political Science Review

Annals of American Academy of Political and Social Science

Australian Journal of International Affairs

Biosecurity and Bioterrorism-Biodefense Strategy Practice and Science

British Journal of Political Science

British Journal of Politics & International Relations

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Cambridge Review of International Affairs

Columbia Journal of Transnational Law

Comparative Political Studies

Comparative Politics

Conflict Management and Peace Science

Cooperation and Conflict

Cornel International Law Journal


Emory International Law Review

European Journal of International Law

European Journal of International Relations

European Journal of Political Research

Forced Migration Review

Foreign Affairs (non-peer reviewed)

Foreign Policy (non-peer reviewed)

Global Governance

Global Jurist

Government and Opposition

Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies

International Affairs

International Interactions

International Journal

International Journal for Peace Studies

International Journal of Conflict and Violence

International Journal of Transitional Justice

International Organization

International Politics

Internasjonal Politikk

Internationale Politik

International Security

International Relations

International Studies Quarterly

Issues and Studies

Journal of Conflict Resolution

Journal of Democracy

Journal of International Relations and Development

Journal of Law and Economics

Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce

Journal of Peace Research

Journal of Politics

Journal of Policy Analysis and Management

Journal of Strategic Studies

Marine Policy

Melbourne Journal of International Law

Millennium: Journal of International Studies

Nations and Nationalism

Ocean Development and International Law

Oxford Journal of Refugee Studies

Peace Studies Journal

Perspectives on Politics

Policy Studies Journal

Policy Science

Political Geography

Political Science

Political Science Quarterly

Political Quarterly

Politics and Society

Politische Vierteljahneschrift

PS: Political Science and Politics

Revue Francaise de Science Politique

Review of International Organizations

Review of International Studies

Revisita Italiana di Scienza Politica

Security Dialogue

Security Studies

Social Science Quarterly

Space Policy

Stanford Journal of International Law

Studies in Comparative and International Development

Studies in Conflict & Terrorism


Terrorism and Political Violence

The Canadian Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies

War in History

Washington Quarterly

Women and Politics

World Policy Journal

World Politics

World Today


International Relations Subfield Journals

International Political Economy Journals

Common Market Law Review

Emerging Markets: Finance and Trade

Journal of the Common Market Studies

Journal of Political Economy

Journal of World Trade

Review of International Political Economy

Review of World Economics

Social Choice and Welfare

Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv (Review of World Economics)

World Economy

World Trade Review


European Politics Journals

East European Politics and Societies

European Union Politics

Journal of European Public Policy

Revista de Derecho Comunitario Europeo

Scandinavian Political Studies

West European Politics


Latin American Politics Journals/South American Politics Journals

Latin American Politics and Society


Human Rights Journals

African Human Rights Law Journal

African Human Rights Law Reports

Asia-Pacific Journal on Human Rights and the Law

Australian Journal of Human Rights

BMC International Health & Human Rights

Columbia Human Rights Law Review

Essex Human Rights Review

Harvard Human Rights Journal

Health and Human Rights

Human Rights

Human Rights and Human Welfare

Human Rights Law Review

Human Rights Quarterly

Human Rights Review

Humanity: An International Journal of Human Rights, Humanitarianism, and Development

International Journal of Human Rights

International Journal of Human Rights and Constitutional Studies

International Journal of Transitional Justice

Journal of Human Rights

Journal of Human Rights Practice

Journal of Humanitarian Assistance

Journal for Peace and and Justice Studies

Journal of Peacebuilding and Development

Law and Inequality

Nordic Journal of Human Rights

Northwestern Journal of International Human Rights

Sur: International Journal of Human Rights

Tribal Law Journal

Yale Human Rights & Development Law Journal


East Asian Politics Journals

Asia Europe Journal

Asian Journal of WTO & International Health Law and Policy

Asian Perspective

Australian Journal of International Affairs

Chinese Journal of International Law

International Relations of the Asia-Pacific

Journal of the Japanese and the International Economies

Korean Journal of Defense Analysis

Korea Observer

North Korean Review

Pacific Focus

Pacific Review


Asia Politics Journals

Communist and Post Communist Studies

Europe-Asia Studies (Soviet Studies)

Post-Soviet Affairs

Russian and East European Finance and Trade


Middle East Politics Journals

Middle East Policy

Uluslararasi Iliskiler (International Relations)


Islam Journals

Islam and Muslim Societies: A Social Science Journal

Muslim World Journal

Muslim World Journal of Human Rights


(Some of the international relations journals were cites from, the University of Minnesota Human Rights Library, as well as Ian McLean, Andre Blais, James C. Garand, and Michel Giles’ article entitled, Comparative Journal Rankings: A Survey Report.

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