International Relations Jobs

International Relations Jobs

In this article, we shall discuss the various types of international relations jobs that exist. We shall discuss the different categories of international relations jobs, where one can find international relations jobs online, and tips and links for those looking for international relations jobs. This website should be useful for those looking for a career in international relations.

Students of international relations may be wondering what sorts of international relations jobs exist, as well as where one can look for international relations jobs. What we want to do is to better explain just some of the different types of international relations jobs that are available to people looking for a career in international affairs. Again, there are many paths to working in international relations that might not be directly mentioned below. With a changing world, roles relations to international relations work continue to be redefined and expanded, to include various work, that of courses includes but is not limited to new positions such as international relations website work, or international relations jobs or work as it pertains to social media for organizations.

What are the Different Types of International Relations Jobs?

There are a host of international relations jobs that exist for someone looking to work in the field. Here are just some of the sorts of jobs that someone with an interest and educational background in international relations can do.

  • Non-government organization. There are many non-government organizations that work on issues of human rights, economic development, security, peace issues, international business and politics, political campaigns, etc… Students studying international relations gain the skills to understand the complexities of international politics, and thus have skills that better prepare them to work with NGO organizations.
  • Peace Corps: Many students with an interest in international relations jobs often look to work with the Peace Corps. Here, students will get to work internationally on important issues as it relates to the field. For more questions on the Peace Corps, follow their website.
  • International Education Jobs: Students looking for international relations jobs may be interested in teaching abroad. Often, there are many jobs for individuals looking to teach English internationally.
  • United Nations: The United Nations is one of the most known international organizations in the international system. They often have job openings for their various organs within the UN. This could be a great option for those interested in multilateralism through international organizations.
  • Foreign Service: The Foreign Service allows individuals to work abroad for the United States government. For example, this can involve working at a United States embassy abroad, or working for a US ambassador.
  • Translator: There are many translator jobs available for students with an interest in international relations. Often, international relations jobs require an individual to have language skills, and often require or strongly recommend that a person has knowledge in two or more languages, or in some cases three or more languages.
  • Public Relations: Students looking for international relations jobs may find work in the public relations department of an organization. Here, they can often put out press releases
  • Political Consultant: Students can also work to become consultants on a particular international relations issue. While many consultants have advanced degrees in international relations, they can be hired to help provide analysis for different entities on a variety of international relations issues.
  • Writer/Columnist: Another great set of jobs within international relations jobs are writing positions. individuals can spend their days writing policy recommendations, or research papers on a number of topics in international relations. These papers can be used to shape policy, to inform leaders, or to help NGOs in their decision-making process.
  • Academia: Many individuals with an interest in international relations may want to end up in academia, writing academic papers and books on international relations issues.
  • International Law: Students that studied international relations may also want to find international relations jobs in the field of international law, international human rights law, and/or environmental law. In order to do this type of work, many students go on to study for a masters in international affairs, or an J.D., often with a concentration in international law.

Are there any websites for International Relations Jobs?

Yes, there are a number of websites that are quite useful when someone is looking for international relations jobs. For those looking for a career in international relations, one of the first places that we recommend is This is an excellent website that has a number of international jobs, with an emphasis on human rights jobs, international development jobs, as well as international relations jobs with non-governmental organizations. The site is great because it allows an individual to narrow their international relations jobs search based on category, sub-field, geographical location, language, experience, etc… We recommend continuing to check this site frequently, since they frequently update their international relations jobs listings.

Another place to look for international relations jobs is the Foreign Affairs jobs website. Here, you will find a number of jobs on issues of human rights, international security, development, diplomacy, and other international relations jobs. Similar to other international relations jobs sites, you are able to select jobs to fit your what you are most interested in (whether it is education, management, etc…), or to choose international relations jobs based on region or experience. Looking at these sites, you will begin to see that there are many possibilities for a career in international relations, as numerous international relations job postings are listed on these different job sites.

We have also listed a number of other international relations organizations that post job vacancies. These links should also be of use to those looking to work in the field of international relations, whether the work is related to human rights, development, international security, etc… Thinking about a career in international relations, it is best to visit websites of different international relations related organizations to see not only what sort of work these groups do, but to also see what job openings may exist.

We believe it is important, when looking for international relations jobs, to not only go to websites that themselves bring together full lists of international affairs jobs, but to also look through the websites of different international relations related organizations to see what job postings they have listed. Sometimes, job posting sites might be have every single job that is posted, as some organizations do not post their positions in all career websites. So, for international relations jobs, we recommend that you make a list of international relations organizations that you are interested in, and you might consider working for, and spend time every week going to their webpages, and looking the the jobs or careers section. This will allow you to ensure that you are not missing any information about international relations jobs. By expanding your reach and where you are looking, you may find positions that are not advertised on international relations jobs boards.

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