United Nations Development Programme

United Nations Development Programme

The United Nations Development Programme is an entity within the United Nations that concentrates on human rights and international development goals. The UNDP was created in 1965, and was initially created to focus on technical assistance. In fact, this can take a number of different forms. For example, “[i]t works in the security realm to support elections, democratization and reconciliation initiatives, and human rights. In the humanitarian field, the agency provides support for disaster prevention, mitigation, and preparedness; the reintegration into society of refugees, former combatants, and internally displaced persons; and the implementation of postdisaster national plans for reintegration, reconstruction, and recovery” (Weiss, Forsythe, Coate, & Pease, 2014: 287).

Today, the United Nations Development Programme is largely responsible for working toward the Millennium Development Goals, which include the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger, universal primary education, gender equality, the reduction of child mortality, the improvement of maternal health, fighting against the HIV/AIDS virus, focusing on environmental sustainability, and the emphasis on global partnerships with regards to these international development and human rights issues (UNDP, 2014).

The United Nations Development Programme is mostly known for its Annual Human Development Report.






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