International Relations Magazines

International Relations Magazines

In this article, we shall discuss just some of the international relations magazine options for students interested in studying world affairs. There are a number of great reading materials for someone looking to build up their knowledge and expertise on global affairs and international relations. In this post, we discuss some of the different international relations publications. We will continue to add additional international relations magazines to the page. If there is an interest, we would be happy to also share a convenient link for those looking to purchase subscriptions. There is no particular order with regards to international relations publications, but we believe that all of them are great options for someone looking to begin and/or compliment their studies of international affairs. As we shall point out, there are different subscription offers for these international relations magazines (that include introductory offers, year long options, multi-year subscriptions, as well as online-content only subscriptions).

Types of International Relations Magazines

The Economist: The Economist is an excellent international relations magazine that offers articles and analysis on political, economic, and other global issues.  The Economist has also written many specific and detailed reports on international affairs issue. In addition, The Economist, based out of England, also has expanded its online presence (including a YouTube channel).  The Economist publishing schedule is based on weekly issues.

Foreign Policy: The international relations magazine Foreign Policy is also one of the highly known publications on matters of world political affairs. Foreign policy magazine covers a variety of issues. This publication has receive various awards for its publication. As the publication notes of its work, “Over the course of almost half a century of award-winning journalism, design, and the presentation of important new ideas from the world’s leading thinkers, Foreign Policy has established itself at the forefront of media organizations devoted to the coverage of global affairs” ( 

Foreign Affairs: While Foreign Affairs is not necessarily an international relations magazine, it is one of the most noted foreign policy based journals in the field. In addition, Foreign Affairs has also expanded to online publications of articles, which is yet another way for students of international relations to keep up with trending topics in the field. Like so many of the international relations magazines listed below, this online option offers many article on global politics, written by scholars and policymakers alike.

The National Interest: The National Interest is an international relations magazine that is centered on the realist school of thought. The magazine began in 1985, and continues to offer content on global issues. According to their website, “The National Interest seeks to promote, as far as possible, a fresh debate about the course of American foreign policy by featuring a variety of leading authors from government, journalism, and academia, many of whom may at times disagree with each other. But it is only out of such disagreements that dogmas can be dispelled and clarity about America’s proper aims achieved. By contributing a vital stimulus towards fashioning a new foreign policy consensus based on civil and enlightened contention, The National Interest seeks to serve this country’s wider national interest.”

The Atlantic: Another international relations magazine is The Atlantic. This publication offers articles and stories on domestic and global issues. They deal with politics, but also economics, culture, etc… There are a number of articles that deal with elections, conflict, international organizations such as the United Nations, along with many other topics. They have physical subscriptions, as well as digital issue options.

Slate Magazine: Slate Magazine is a politics magazine. While the magazine focuses on politics in general, this is another publication that also offers articles and analysis on foreign issues. Slate Magazine writes not only on the elections, but also on U.S. foreign policy, human rights, and other international relations events. Thus, Slate magazine is another outlet added to our list of international relations magazines.

The Globalist: The Globalist is another international relations magazine that focuses on international affairs stories. They deal with various matters of globalization, and global political and economic issues, among many other topics. They write on a range of country and global matters.  

Politico Magazine: is another well known politics-based outlet in the United States. However, while a lot of their stories are focused on domestic politics (they have a lot of coverage on the 2016 US elections), they are also engaged in international relations based stories, and have written on stories related to the US and matters abroad. 

In addition to these international relations magazines, there are many other political magazines that also have articles on foreign relations issues. In other articles, we will also go into more detail on international relations journals and other publications. Again, there are many great outlets for students to read up on foreign policy issues. We recommend that readers look at the wide range of options for further information on global affairs.


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