Foreign Policy Association Great Decisions Series

Foreign Policy Association Great Decisions Series

I recently posted my talk on Sectarianism in the Middle East. As I mentioned, this talk was part of the Foreign Policy Association Great Decision Series in Indianapolis. Here is a video that the FPA has created to better explain the Great Decisions Series Great Decisions: America’s Global Affairs Discussion Program from Foreign Policy Association on Vimeo. A number of cities have established the Great Decision Series lectures. For example, Indianapolis had different speakers come out and talk about each of the topics that the Foreign Policy Association set as the 2015 topics. This year, the Great Decisions topics were:

This is a great way to engage with others in your area who have an interest in international relations. These events bring together scholars and students of the field, and are places where people can speak with one another about global issues that are happening today. Along with the Great Decision Series this year, the series is continuing next year, and the FPA has already stated what the speaking topics will be. The 2016 Great Decisions Series topics are:

  • Middle East Alliances
  • The Rise of ISIS
  • The Future of Kurdistan
  • Migration
  • The Koreas
  • The United Nations
  • Climate Change
  • Cuba and the U.S.

If there are is a Great Decisions Series where you live, I would recommend attending the events in your area. If not, I would suggest thinking about the possibility of establishing one in your city. It is great to always be thinking about international relations issues, and this is one way to hear various experts speak about timely subjects in the field.

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