World Bank Report on Global Warming and Poverty

World Bank Report on Global Warming and Poverty

On November 24th, 2014, Al Jazeera reported on a World Bank report with regards to the effects of Global Warming with regards to poverty reduction. In the World Bank Report entitled Turn Down The Heat, they point out a number of outcomes of global warming. For example, among other points, the World Bank points out that food production will be greatly affected by global warming. Speaking of sub-Saharan Africa, the World Bank states that 

“Even if warming is limited below 2C, there are very substantial risks and projected damages, and as warming increases these are only expected to grow further. Sub-Saharan Africa is particularly dependent on agriculture for food, income, and employment, almost all of it rain-fed. Under 2C warming, large regional risks to food production emerge; these risks would become stronger if adaptation measures are inadequate and the CO2 fertilization effect is weak. Unprecedented heat extremes are projected over an increasing percentage of land area as warming goes from 2 to 4C, resulting in significant changes in vegetative cover and species at risk of extinction. Heat and drought would also result in severe losses of livestock and associated impacts on rural communities” (World Bank, 2014: xviii).

The World Bank also explains that agricultural production will be affected, as will aridity, water availability, as well as crop diversification.

I recommend reading the report, as it talks about a number of important issues that need to be understood, with regards to the devastating effects of global warming on issues of poverty reduction. 

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