What can you do with an international relations degree?

What can you do with an international relations degree?

One of the common questions that students who are looking to to into a graduate program in international relations ask is “What can you do with an international relations degree?” In fact, I think this question not only comes up when a student is looking to apply to either international relations graduate programs, international studies graduate programs, or masters in international affairs (the policy schools), but students are also interested in knowing the answer to this question well before they even begin taking courses in international relations.

While I do not necessarily believe that job options should solely dictate what one studies, it is important to lay out the various career options that one can go into, if for no other reason that to know what is potentially available in terms of international relations jobs. With the increase in interconnectivity, and the globalization of travel, there are more and more opportunities for individuals looking to work on global issues, as well as opportunities for those looking to work abroad. So, as I shall discuss, there are many possibilities for students in international relations. There is a lot that you can do with an international relations degree.

International Relations Graduate School

For those looking to advance their studies in international relations, an excellent option is going to graduate school in international relations. There are many programs that focus on either international relations, international studies, or international affairs. In these master’s programs in international affairs, students will delve deeper into international relations material, gaining a mastery of skills. Here, they will often take international relations theory, along with other courses such as international security courses, human rights and development, amongst other courses. They may specialize in a topic, or have a regional concentration. What is excellent about these international affairs programs is that they prepare students for a career in policy.Many students go on to take the Foreign Service exam, or work for a domestic or international non-profit organization. Others decide to work for a governmental organization.

International Relations Jobs

Elsewhere, I wrote an article on the sorts of international relations jobs that one can possibly get with an international relations degree. As one can see, there are many avenues for entering into an international relations related position. Individuals have the opportunity to work abroad, to work in local government, national government, domestic and international non-governmental organizations, private corporations and think tanks, along with various other positions.

So, it is important to remember that there are many things a student can do with a degree in international relations. I believe that is it important to begin exploring different job options early in one’s studies and career, so that they are more knowledgable about all that is available in terms of international relations jobs.


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