Syrian Refugees In Lebanon: Al Jazeera’s Life on Hold Report

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: Al Jazeera’s Life on Hold Report

I want to bring your attention to an info graph published by Al Jazeera on Syrian Refugees in Lebanon. The piece is entitled “Life on Hold” and follows different refugees that have left Syria, the harsh realities that they had to face, and are currently dealing with in Lebanon. There are a number of different stories or “portraits” that they focus on.

This is an important story as it shows the human costs to this civil war in Syria.

As I have discussed here on an article related to children refugees from Syria, refugees face a host of very difficult conditions, both in Syria, as well as in their new states as refugees. They often are dealing with post traumatic stress disorder, they may have lost family members, and they may be facing discrimination in their new states.

I urge you to watch some of portraits of individual refugees that Al Jazeera has documented.

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