ISIS Carries Out Horrific Crime Against Journalist James Foley

ISIS Carries Out Horrific Crime Against Journalist

According to a BBC report, the Islamic State or ISIS group in Syria, a journalist by the name of James Foley was killed by the organization. ISIS published a video showing the killing of Foley, who went missing in Syria in 2012. In their post, the group “[said] his killing was revenge for US air strikes on its fighters in Iraq.

Various leaders from around the world have spoken out and condemned the action against the organization. This comes following their continued targeting of various non-combatantants in Syria. This is yet another gruesome killing by the ISIS group, as it continues to commit crimes against humanity in Syria.

It is important to keep in mind that groups sadly do target non-combatants, and journalists, despite their role to report, have unfortunately been kidnapped or killed while covering international conflicts.

Hopefully groups will continue to demand justice for the atrocities committed by ISIS.

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