Framework Agreement on Iran’s Nuclear Program

Framework Agreement on Iran’s Nuclear Program

It has been reported that Iran, The United States, and 5 other powers have agreed on a framework for a nuclear program. As Al Jazeera explains,

“Under the agreement, Iran will cut by more than two-thirds to 5,060 the number of centrifuges it currently operates to enrich uranium. The Fordo underground nuclear facility will remain open for research but will not be used for enrichment.

Iran will also cut its stockpile of low-enriched uranium from around 10 tonnes to 300kg for 15 years, and the design of the heavy-water reactor under construction at Arak will be modified so it produces no weapons-grade plutonium.

In return, UN sanctions and separate measures imposed unilaterally by the US and EU will be gradually suspended as the global nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), confirms Iranian compliance.”

This is a very important step towards peace on this issue. Iran clearly benefits by potential reductions in sanctions, and the U.S. and others will be able to inspect and ensure checks on Iran’s nuclear program.

While some hardliners on both sides are not happy with this (and the levels of distrust exist), this development allows both sides to work towards increasing their openness towards trusting one another. While there are still details that need to be clarified, this framework seems to allow for outlets if a side does not follow the agreement. And thus, it is a useful mechanism in case what is expected is not adhered to. Diplomacy does work, and this is an example of how a foundation can be built towards reducing any nuclear concerns.

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