Countries Who Owe Money to the IMF

Countries Who Owe Money to the IMF

With the attention surrounding the Greek bailout (by the IMF and the European Union), and the future of Greece as it relates to not only paying back these loans, but also its future in the European Union, it is not only interesting to look the amount of debt that they owe to the IMF, but it is also worth noting all of the countries that owe money to the International Monetary Fund. Alberto Nardelli of The Guardian published a piece on Friday June 5th, 2015, entitled A Brief History of Countries With Overdue IMF Repayments where he discussed the countries who owe money to the international organization (where the country is at least six months late on their debt repayment).

Cuba (1959-64)
Egypt (1966-68)
Cambodia (1975-92), 36.9m SDR (special drawing rights) Nicaragua (1983-85), 14.4m
Guyana (1983-90), 107.7m
Chad (1984-94), 4.1m
Vietnam (1984-93), 100.2m
Sierra Leone (1984-86), 25.1m
Sudan (1984-present), 979.8
Liberia (1984-2008), 543m
Tanzania (1985-86), 22.9m
Zambia (1985-86), 115.1m

The Gambia (1985-86), 10.6m

Peru (1985-93), 621m
Jamaica (1986-87), 50m
Zambia (1986-95), 830.2m
Sierra Leone (1987-94), 85.5m
Somalia (1987-present), 234.6m
Honduras (1987-88), 3.3m
Panama (1987-92), 180.9
Democratic Republic of the Congo (1988-89), 115.4m Haiti (1988-89), 9.2m

Honduras (1988-90), 27.5m
Iraq (1990-2004), 55.3m
Dominican Republic (1990-91), 24.3m
Democratic Republic of the Congo (1990-2002), 403.6m Haiti (1991-94), 24.8m
Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-95), 25.1m
Yugoslavia (1992-2000), 101.1m
Central African Republic (1994-94), 1.6m
Afghanistan (1995-2003), 8.1m
Zimbabwe (2001-present), 81.1m

It will be important to see how much attention the IMF loans to Greece get, and in particular as it relates to the other loans that are not being repaid as of yet (by the countries listed above) (although it is important to remember the size of Greece’s debt to the IMF compared to other countries).

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