Condemning the Killing of a Blogger in Bangladesh

Condemning the Killing of a Blogger in Bangladesh

According to an Al Jazeera report, a blogger by the name of Washiqur Rahman was killed by assailants in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Rahman ws known to write on issues of secularism. According to reports,

“Authorities said Rahman was killed on a busy street in the center of the city. Two suspects, believed to be students at a nearby religious school, were apprehended. A third alleged attacker escaped.

“Police on duty near the spot caught two attackers red-handed with three machetes as they were fleeing the scene after the incident,” police official Humayan Kabir told Reuters.”

There have been a number of attacks on secularists in Bangladesh.

It is imperative to condemn these attacks, and to provide the space for individuals to speak freely on political and religious issues. Bloggers around the world have been targeted for one reason or another, and often either by their governments, or other groups or individuals who have been upset with their messages. In order to establish and allow the full set of human rights, there must be the protection of free speech. A blogger should be able to write without fearing for their lives. Violence against writers does not positive for society, but rather merely instills further fear amongst the population. The close-mindedness of the attackers is sad, as it prevents an open and honest discussion and dialogue about topics such as politics, or in this case, the role of religion in society.

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